New coffee on the way

Buying some new coffee from Sweet Maria’s…

Colombia Cup of Antioquia -Jose Leobardo

This lot from Jose Leobardo Montoya shares much in common with our other auction coffee from Hugo Sepulveda. The fragrance and aroma boast dark-hued fruits and berry smells, and with a honey sweetness that sits on the side of raw honey-comb. Breaking the wet crust releases a very sweet scent of raisin bread with cinnamon, and a light, tart citrus note. The brewed coffee shows more-than convincing sweetness and its fair share of fruit-forward flavors. When hot, the cup pushes sweet-to-tart boysenberry and raspberry notes, a faint grape flavor, and base sugar-browning sweetness. This coffee’s body is lush, with the weight of fruit juice on the palate. As it cools, I get notes of fruit-flavored honey sticks – especially cherry, and orange – and an apple note adds to a crisp tea-like mouthfeel in the finish. Full City really bolsters deep chocolate tones, while still leaving plenty of room for fruit complexity. An espresso shot yielded a delicious mix of cherry cordial and salted caramel, loads of dark chocolate, and a citrus zing.

Yemen Dhamari Anis

Anis has a unique rustic sweetness emanating from the dry grounds, with rustic chocolate, dried banana and dried peaches. There’s a tobacco note, slightly leafy herbal quality, that also comes out in adding hot water. There are also clean earth tones, aromatic cedar, and sarsaparilla root. On the break, cola nut and clove scents are apparent, along with toasted barley malt. The cup has an intricate and complex flavor profile: It is a bit if a maze on the palate! Bittering cocoa nibs are offset by a mouthfeel of heavy, a spiced chocolate with the thickness of a mousse. There is sweetness throughout, from the first sip to the finish, but always in contrast to bittering or savory elements, spiced or wood notes. Those spice notes are heavily layered, in the key of baking spices like clove and allspice with a cinnamon-like woody accent. There is a fruited aspect in Anesi that peaks out from the City+ roast in particular, of dried Qishr tea (made from dried coffee cherry skins), muskmelon, dried fig, and dried pineapple. Whether a brewed cup or SO espresso, like all Yemeni coffee, this greatly benefits from a few days rest. 48 hours is great but we found 72 hours of post-roast rest to be best.

Ethiopia Dry Process Yirg Adado Sulula

The Adado Sulula is a classic dry-processed coffee, but prepared to the highest standards. The dry fragrance has potent with dried peach and blueberry sweetness, with a backdrop of light brown sugar and high-percentage chocolate. Adding hot water, the wet aromatics are potent with fruit and intense sweetness. There is a strong cinnamon sugar scent initially, with blueberry syrup and cocoa nibs as we break the crust of floating grounds. The cup flavors realize all the suggestions from the aromatics, and more. The blueberry notes are there with a dried fruit character, as in blueberry granola. Initial cocoa nib flavor passes into the complex sweetness of raw demerara sugar. Dried apricots assert themselves, with suggestions of mango as well. As the cup cools, I am reminded of the saturated sweetness of melted brown sugar and pineapple in a ‘pineapple upside-down cake’. Seriously. We find this coffee to really bloom in aromatics with a long post-roast rest of 2-3 days. It’s really quite a different coffee than brewing it with a short overnight degassing period. But with aromatics like this, you might not be able to wait 3 days to brew this!