Guatemala Huehuetenango Cuilco


This is a very short roast of the Huehuetenango that I have had such good results with lately.  With heat full-on until first crack and a setback to 510F, I was surprised at how quickly the bean moved to second crack (only about 3 minutes).  Some of the complexity seems to be missing from the cup.  After 2 days of rest, I really can not recommend this profile.

3 thoughts on “Guatemala Huehuetenango Cuilco”

  1. Interestingly this is very similar to a roast I marked as a a favorite. The one major difference in the profile is that the favorite roast was done in an already heated chamber (2nd roast of the day) as opposed to this one which was done from cold. The BM temp rose faster in the favorite roast and the time between first and second crack was considerably longer. Need to plot these two profiles on the same graph to see how much difference this really made.

  2. Evan- Are you from burque? If so, I’m local and love the genie roaster project. I have not made any arduino or raspberry pi controllers, but have programmed some Idec PLC projects. Keep up the profile reports- hopefully I can add to knowledge base someday when I’m done with the remodel epic. Thanks!

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