Yemen Mokha Ismaili – Musings on ROR (rate of rise)


Just roasted a 200g charge of Yemen Mokha Ismaili from Sweet Marias.  This bean has a subtle first and second crack (burned the hell out the first batch I roasted a few weeks ago because I was not paying close enough attention).  This was from a pre-heated roaster (chamber temp around 300F) and roasted a little ways into 2nd crack.  Before first crack, I ran the roaster at full power.  After 1st crack I backed the setpoint down to 510F resulting in about 80 to 85% power.  I calculated rate of rise for the (approximately) linear portion of the bean temp curve before 1st crack (16.9F/min) and after 1st crack (8.3F/min)  plots are below.




Going to have to wait a few days to sample this — I think SM recommends at least 3-4 days of rest for this one.

Some cursory research yields this information on development ratio (time from start of first crack to end of roast divided by total roast time).    Also found some information suggesting that ROR < 5 or 6 F/min is problematic.

2 thoughts on “Yemen Mokha Ismaili – Musings on ROR (rate of rise)”

  1. Sampled the first cup today after about 3 1/2 days of rest. Brewed in a Clever Dripper (22g coffee ground @ 8 on my Maestro with 360g water). I was immediately struck with the significant sweetness I smelled in the brewed cup – quite dramatic. Overall a very nice cup (best of this bean I have had). Balance is good with just a little bitterness in the finish. Nice.

    SMs had this to say about the FC+ roast: “At FC+ it’s a different beast: bittersweet pungent notes, dark herbs, Chai and ‘roastaroma tea’ notes, licorice root, cinnamon bark, clove, some black walnut, and spiced chocolate. The body seems heavy, but is actually deceptively light and perhaps it has to do with the intensity of cup flavors as it cools. The Ismaili makes great Single Origin (SO) espresso. The cup here is rooty and earthy, pungent and extremely long in aftertaste.”

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