Colombia Timana de Huila


I stretched the roast out quite a lot on this attempt (30% dev ratio).  I added both a 3 minute drying time and reduced the D1 (post 1st crack) environment temperature to 505F (usually do this at 510F).  Roast here is FC+.  Normal pre-heat (550F set point for 10-15 min and then let the system cool to an inlet temp of 200F).

I don’t think that the roast stalled here even though you can see that BM temps stopped rising during the first part of 1st crack.  The reason I don’t think there was a stall was because crack sounded pretty vigorous throughout.

Some issues with the image here — I think I need to move the camera away from the sample a little bit.  The depth of field is very limited with such a close focal point and causes some focus issues here.  The difference of having the sample tray just coated on the bottom versus filled all the way to the top is very significant (this is only the depth of an Altoids tin.  I think that it will be easier to control at the full limit.

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  1. This was a tolerable roast. Decent after a couple of days and good today (4 days after roast). This is one that definitely seems to benefit from some profile stretching to eliminate the harsh tastes. My very earliest roasts of this one were (I think) before I started doing the pre-heat cycle. Not pre-heating may have been beneficial to this bean but certainly the profile I used here worked pretty well.

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