Guatemala Patzun Finca Santa Anita


This roast adds a drying phase — the results were OK but far from a favorite.  Roast ended near 2nd crack.

I am struggling to get a roast I love from this coffee.  To me, the balance is off — maybe too sweet?  The coffee seems a bit “thin” missing the body I really enjoy in a cup.

I wanted to compare the review of this coffee to the Guatemala Huehuetenango that gave such great results before:

From SM:

Santa Anita is a coffee that accentuates sweetness all the way through the cupping experience. The dry grounds have a sweet smell of honey (comb and all), ginger snap cookie, and a bit of toffee. Hot water brings up a slight cookie dough scent, with butter and brown sugar building in the steam, and the break produces a nice saturated dark toffee sweetness. At City+ roast level, this cup has a strong flavor of caramel and with a note of milk chocolate. Patzun is fruited and in a nice, sweet way. Nectarine and apricot nectar are expressed in both flavor and mouthfeel. The acidity is refreshing and with accents of malic fruits. The finish is honeyed and with a nice, bittering cacao nib flavor. This lot from Santa Anita demonstrates great body and is such a satisfying cup of coffee, and definitely hold it’s own as an SO espresso too.


This blend from the Cuilco region has a nice developed sweetness throughout the profile. The dry grounds have a smell of caramelizing sugar, butter, and vanilla (like the aroma released when making caramel), and almond. Hot water brings up a smell of raw honey and a nuttiness, and the break has an air of butter pecan ice cream – nutty and sweet. The cup has a straight-forward sweetness and roasted nut characteristics. City+ roasts have a flavor of light brown sugar and walnut, and a light butterscotch note. There’s a bit of cocoa flavor too – especially in the finish – but like baker’s chocolate, not adding to the overall sweetness per se, but more in the complexity department. Cuilco is a very transparent cup, and I would describe the acidity as malic to tartaric. City+ to Full City is where the balance lies and where slight fruit notes begin to emerge. Our City+ roast had a note of fig pudding, that along with a rich chocolate syrup flavor that completed the cup nicely. Great SO espresso, with extraction accentuating bold chocolate notes, and a candied nut sweetness.


Looking at these two reviews it is really hard to know why the Cuilco tasted so much better to me than the Santa Anita.  From a profile standpoint, only the difference in complexity stands out (8.0 for Cuilco and 8.6 for Santa Anita).  Maybe this statement: rich chocolate syrup flavor that completed the cup nicely is an indication as well.

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