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Sulawesi Bone Bone Kalaciri

Bone Bone Kalaciri is a bodied coffee, with best results at City+ and beyond. Flavors of muscovado sugar and brown bread take the lead, with hints of peet and tart berry trailing behind. Showcases a well-balanced base coffee flavor. City+ to Full City+. Good for espresso.

The dry fragrance has a rustic, sorghum-syrup sweetness, along with a smell of fruit/nut bread. The latter aspect develops into a nice gingerbread scent in the wet grounds, with earthy, ‘Indo’ like traits in the background. The cup profile is fairly mild actually, muscovado sugar sweetness along with a flavor of brown bread. Tart berry and peet comes up as the cup cools, but are relative background noise in comparison to bittersweetness, base coffee characteristics. There’s some brightness too in the cup, a characteristic lacking in Indonesian coffees. At City+ and beyond it’s a bodied, brewed coffee, and darker roast levels work well for espresso – try adding a small amount to a base of Brazil for a fairly ‘classic’ espresso blend.


Kenya Kirinyaga Kiangoi AB

Kiangoi AB has dark grape juice and mulling spice flavors, along with a fresh mango note. A standout brewed coffee, acidity is malic like apple-juice, and refreshing. The finish is sweet, crowning an already elegant Kenya cup. City to City+.


This AB lot of Kiangoi is very sweet cup The dry fragrance has a smell of butterscotch toffee, wild flowers, and citrus tea. The wet grounds have a basic sweetness of honey and brown sugar, along with baked pie filling fruits like peach. . This Kiangoi lot makes an impressive cup, fruited and full of clear, refined sugar sweetness. Flavors of dark grape juice, mulling spice, and mango come out in City roasts. The list grows as the cup cools, and are highlighted by a crisp, malic acidity, like apple juice. It’s a refreshing cup in the City/City+ roast range, and has so much ‘Kenya’ character in its complex nature. It has a nice vanilla bean-laced tea flavor too, which reverberate in the finish. Kiangoi offers a clean expression of fruit flavors, and retains a refreshing elegance in the way profile notes are seemingly highlighted, and easily discernible from one another. The body is relatively light and suits the cup flavors. It is a true ‘standout’ brewed coffee.

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