3 thoughts on “Kenya Krinyaga Kaingoi”

  1. Notice that your setpoint is at 550F at the start (287C???). I guess this is pretty much your Gene max temps right? Have you experience any scorching or tipping issues with this profile?
    I’m also trying a faster profile for my Kenyan to get a kick of acidity in but have seen uneven roast colors even though I’ve done a more conservative approach
    Mine :
    0-2mins 160C
    2-6mins 220C
    6-9mins 240C
    9-1stC 250C

    1. I may have actually solved my own problem 🙂
      I’ve typically roasted on 250g(green) at most for a yield of 200g

      Yesterday was the first time I roasted 300g for a yield of 250g (16%) and I noticed right away that I could get away with a higher than usual drying temp. I guess it’s probably because there’s more bean mass to absorb the incoming heat as well as making sure the centre metal plate never gets exposed too long to the hot air. This also means less conduction heat from the plate thus less scorching/tipping.

      I definitely need to get my hands on a bean mass probe like yours to actually see the effect of quantity vs bean temps on a graph. That would validate my theory

      As such, even if I were to go with a lower 180C start temp, as long as I achieve the same RoR needed to typically define “fast ramp” profile, it doesn’t really matter if I’m not matching the usual high temps that others are using.

      Thanks for letting me use your blog as a sounding board 🙂

  2. Sorry for the tardy reply Justin. I think the Gene Cafe is power limited so I think it is difficult to control RoR. I almost always roast at full power during the first phase of roast so the RoR is probably dictated by the mass of the beans in the roaster.

    I’ve tried some extended drying phases to stretch out the time period to first crack but have not noticed substantial differences in flavor profile in doing this (probably limited by my own ability to discriminate).

    I have not had any trouble with scorching — ever. Maybe it is hard to scorch in a Gene Cafe because of the design of the roaster?

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