Guatemala Acatenango Gesha


Roasted this on October 14th.  This bean has an amazing first crack — like a popcorn popper!  Lots of the Guatemala I have been roasting lately has a nice defined first and second crack but nothing like this.  Wow.  I stopped this one before 2nd crack in an attempt to keep it at a city + roast.  First tasting will be tomorrow.  I am excited to try  this one.

2 thoughts on “Guatemala Acatenango Gesha”

  1. So the first sample of this coffee was good but not amazing. The roast is a tad lighter than I have been drinking lately and the cup was missing the deep resonant body that I really like. Overall balanced seemed to be OK but I think I need to adjust the roast on this one a bit yet.

  2. Day two yielded a better cup but I am not calling this one amazing (which it really should be considering the cost). At 17.2% mass loss I would have expected this to be a little on the darker end of the recommended roast range. Makes me wonder if the GeneCafe does not result in more mass lost for a given roast level – being convection heat and all… I rarely find a roast any less than just below 17% is drinkable at all. This is a bit past where most recommend. Have to dig into this.

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