3 thoughts on “Guatemala Huehuetenango Cuilco”

  1. This has been a really nice roast. Very good after 3 days of rest. Some of the best roasts I have ever done were with Guatemala Huehuetenango. Lots of the body I like in more rustic coffees but still seems to be very clean cup. Definitely a favorite.

  2. Hey, i tried out this profile on my Gene with a different Huehue (Finca La Bolsa). I figured it would respond very similiarly to yours.
    After 1 day, I’m getting lots of grassy notes with lots of body. Not much acidity and flavor though. My first crack started at ~9min30 mark and ended around 11min

    I’m thinking my quicker rise to 1C is probably due to my smaller batch (was using 180g). You’re roasting at maybe a 250g? That would explain alot and would help me on corrections

    1. Hi Justin — this was a 250g roast. Another important thing to know is that it was the second roast of the day, so I started with a fully warmed up roast chamber. A similar roast I just posted today (Nov 12) produced a result I really did not like. Same bean, same temp settings. The only thing different was the roast posted on the 12th was done from a cold roast chamber. Keep in mind that my temp readings are likely a little different that you get from a stock Gene Cafe as I have replaced the sensors with thermocouples. Hope this helps.

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