A tale of three roasts

This is an experiment to compare three different roast levels of Colombia Timana de Huila.  This first roast is the “calibration roast”.   Full power to first crack then roasted to the first snap of 2nd crack. In this roast, first crack started at 725 seconds and stopped 114 seconds later.  Second crack started at 355 seconds after first crack.



I stopped the second roast 295 seconds after first crack.  A full minute shorter than the first roast.  First crack started at 695 seconds and ended 111 seconds later.  I forgot to remove the outlet vent duct from the outlet until about 200 seconds into this roast.  You can really see the significant affect this has on the inlet temperature.  Outlet and Bean Mass temps are much less affected.



I stopped the third roast 235 seconds after first crack — a full two minutes less than the calibration roast.  I got distracted on this roast and, although I remembered to remove the outlet vent duct before I started the roast, I forgot to turn up the outlet setpoint to 550F at the beginning of the roast and I also forgot to set the post first crack temp up to 510F.  I really need to get the automatic roast profile setup completed for the RoastGenie.  It looks like I caught the initial setting error before it made any difference.  The post first crack setpoint mistake did result in the bean mass temperature dropping a bit. First crack on this roast lasted between 120s and 132s compared to about 111-114s for the previous roasts.


2 thoughts on “A tale of three roasts”

  1. Roast #1 is darkest roast, Roast #3 is lightest roast.

    Overall this is a much brighter / flavor forward on the pallet that the Guatemala I have been roasting recently. For this reason alone, I find it less pleasing. I would also describe this coffee as delicate.

    Today I sampled roast 1 and roast 3 side by side. Roast 1 is dp definitely preferred. Roast 3, the lighter roast hast just a hint of sharpness, possibly slightly underdeveloped(?) really comes across on the front and sides of the pallet. Some of the sharpness disappears from the darker roast and it is overall much more pleasant. Tiny hints of roast flavor in this one suggesting that the middle roast may be best. Although I don’t love this coffee, at this roast level the more objectionable favors are gone. Find this bean just a bit boring.

  2. Roast #2 today was quite nice – better than either roasts 1 or 3. Seems like the sweet/juicy character is really highlighted at this roast level.

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