LCD Bezels

The Roast Genie has a control panel that includes, among other things, an LCD.  Most LCD mountings I have seen lack a bezel and I wanted this to look a little more professional.  After trying several different approaches, I came up with a clear (arcrylic) panel with the LCD mounted behind.  To provide a professional looking bezel, I used adhesive vinyl – the same material used for making signs.


The panel was designed using the free software DraftSight from Dassault.  Probably not the most friendly 2D CAD software but it works pretty well.  I printed this out full size


I cut out the window where the LCD will be.  The template is glued onto a piece of 3/32″ acrylic sheet that I bought from Home Depot.  3M General Purpose 45 Spray Adhesive works well for this.


Make sure that you leave the protective film on the acrylic.  Glue the template on to the protective sheet.  This will make removing the template easy when finished.IMG_0583

Next drill and cut the holes and openings that you need in the panel.  In the photo above you see the four blind holes I drilled for the mounting studs for the LCD.  Also, I used a circle template and hobby knife to cute and remove the protective film around each of the holes where theses studs will go.


Put the mounting studs into the holes on the LCD.  I am using 1 1/2″ long #4 machine screws here with eight nuts to hold everything in place.


Put a drop of cyanoacrylate adhesive (Super Glue) in each blind hole and set the LCD in place on the panel.  Once the glue is dry you can remove the LCD.


Secure the studs in place using JB Weld(I love this stuff).  There is also a connector I glued to the panel here.IMG_0587

When the epoxy has cured you can put the LCD back on.  The key to making this look really nice is to add the vinyl.  I bought this stuff on Amazon.


Make sure you have removed the protective film from the front of the acrylic sheet.  Cut an oversized piece of the vinyl that includes the hole through which you will view the LCD.  With the backing still in place, line up the vinyl and tape it to the panel.  If you want this to look really nice (no bubbles) you will want to use the “wet method” of applying vinyl.  Google it — there are lots of videos.  It works great.


Basically, you will stick down the vinyl 1/2 at a time after lubricating the panel surface with some soapy water.  This way you can squeegee out the bubbles before everything is stuck down completely.  Makes for a very sharp looking panel – much better than paint.




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