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Bali Organic – Kintamani Agung


Glad to be done with the Guatemala РI never could get a roast I liked from that bean.  Always missing that mellow, smooth taste.  This Bali is much nicer although not quite a favorite.

Sweet Marias has this to say about this bean:

Bali Organic Kintamani Agung has an earthy sweetness to the profile, rustic sugars and tropical fruits. The dry fragrance has a palm sugar smell with dried tropical fruit. The wet aroma is much more straight forward, muscovado sugar and raisin, and the break gives off a slight tobacco in the steam. We did a few different roast levels of this coffee, and Full City produced the best balance of sugar and earth tones, and the cooled cup also has notes dried papaya and pipe tobacco. It’s a bit tricky to roast. like Sumatra, this coffee doesn’t fully darken, retaining an uneven, “mottled” color. You have to pay attention to roast smells, and most importantly how much time has passed after first snaps. A nice low acid, rustic, sweet Bali coffee.