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Something went to hell here…  This is the first time I have encountered this.  Weird that everything seemed OK at the beginning and end of the roast.  While roasting I thought that this might be the result of the inlet temperature banging against the 700F limit I set but clearly there is an instability here.  Normally roast should stay below the 700F inlet limit so that end of the control algorithm is not in play.

Coffee turned out OK.  Still not liking this Guatemala all that much but I don’t have all that much more to go through.

Guatemala Patzun Finca Santa Anita


This roast adds a drying phase — the results were OK but far from a favorite.  Roast ended near 2nd crack.

I am struggling to get a roast I love from this coffee.  To me, the balance is off — maybe too sweet?  The coffee seems a bit “thin” missing the body I really enjoy in a cup.

I wanted to compare the review of this coffee to the Guatemala Huehuetenango that gave such great results before:

From SM:

Santa Anita is a coffee that accentuates sweetness all the way through the cupping experience. The dry grounds have a sweet smell of honey (comb and all), ginger snap cookie, and a bit of toffee. Hot water brings up a slight cookie dough scent, with butter and brown sugar building in the steam, and the break produces a nice saturated dark toffee sweetness. At City+ roast level, this cup has a strong flavor of caramel and with a note of milk chocolate. Patzun is fruited and in a nice, sweet way. Nectarine and apricot nectar are expressed in both flavor and mouthfeel. The acidity is refreshing and with accents of malic fruits. The finish is honeyed and with a nice, bittering cacao nib flavor. This lot from Santa Anita demonstrates great body and is such a satisfying cup of coffee, and definitely hold it’s own as an SO espresso too.


This blend from the Cuilco region has a nice developed sweetness throughout the profile. The dry grounds have a smell of caramelizing sugar, butter, and vanilla (like the aroma released when making caramel), and almond. Hot water brings up a smell of raw honey and a nuttiness, and the break has an air of butter pecan ice cream – nutty and sweet. The cup has a straight-forward sweetness and roasted nut characteristics. City+ roasts have a flavor of light brown sugar and walnut, and a light butterscotch note. There’s a bit of cocoa flavor too – especially in the finish – but like baker’s chocolate, not adding to the overall sweetness per se, but more in the complexity department. Cuilco is a very transparent cup, and I would describe the acidity as malic to tartaric. City+ to Full City is where the balance lies and where slight fruit notes begin to emerge. Our City+ roast had a note of fig pudding, that along with a rich chocolate syrup flavor that completed the cup nicely. Great SO espresso, with extraction accentuating bold chocolate notes, and a candied nut sweetness.


Looking at these two reviews it is really hard to know why the Cuilco tasted so much better to me than the Santa Anita.  From a profile standpoint, only the difference in complexity stands out (8.0 for Cuilco and 8.6 for Santa Anita).  Maybe this statement: rich chocolate syrup flavor that completed the cup nicely is an indication as well.